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Beginning of the cold rolling

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Beginning of the cold rolling

It is possible to roll metal through rollers while it is still liquid by using the cold rolling technique. In order to increase the yield strength and hardness of the metal, it is crushed and squeezed.

The metalworking sector has a unique subset for cold rolling metal strip. This procedure aims to produce thinner metal strips for a range of applications with excellent dimensional precision and dedicated surface quality.

What is the process of cold rolling?

The initial material can be strips that are up to about 2 meters broad and a few millimeters thick. Cold rolling mills, on the other hand, can process and create very narrow strips that are just a few millimeters wide and nearly 10 microns thick.

The cold rolling procedure is carried out at room temperature as opposed to hot rolling. In order to maintain the metal's temperature below the recrystallization temperature, forced cooling is typically used, improving the material's physical and surface qualities.

Cold-rolling lubricating oils are used for this

Utilizing high-performance neat cold rolling oil ensures the greatest surface quality of the final product by chilling the work and metal strip rolls and lubricating the roll bite.

The cold rolling oil must not only lubricate but also function in harsh environments:

The roll bite has a very high potential for local micro-area stresses.

The boundary and mixed systems are often where the lubrication regime occurs, and it changes on a microscale.

The roll bite should not have full hydrodynamic lubrication since it causes a loss of grip. Low grip makes it difficult to manage the strip, increases speed fluctuations, and may produce varying thicknesses, which leads to numerous surface flaws.

The most effective lubricant for any cold-rolling procedure

A well-balanced mixture of different additives together with carefully selected base oils is needed for a cold rolling oil to operate at its best in the boundary and mixed lubrication regimes. Validated outcomes with Runshi cold rolling mills.

In order to enhance our clients' cold rolling process, we collaborate closely with them. As a result of these efforts, the mill engines' energy consumption initially decreases, and their surface quality is enhanced because of increased lubrication that minimizes friction.

Even more noteworthy is the improved productivity attained at several clients across the world by lowering the number of passes necessary at reversing mills while still attaining the requisite end thickness of the metal strip. Only improved lubricity, which permits greater decreases with each pass, makes this conceivable.

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