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Hydro Testing Machine

It adopts two lifted rollers to hold the tested steel pipe, 
using the thrust of master cylinder to press the pipe between the thrust plate and the pressure plate, 
so that the pipe two ends can be sealed(end face seal or radial seal).

1. Introduction

The equipment is used for kinds of steel pipe pressure-bearing and testing non-standard equipment.

It adopts two lifted rollers to hold the tested steel pipe, using the thrust of master cylinder to press the pipe between the thrust plate and the pressure plate, so that the pipe two ends can be sealed(end face seal or radial seal).

Based on high-volume low-pressure pump to complete the water injection, and then use high-pressure pump to complete high pressure test.

2. Main performance parameters:


Pressure test products

steel pipe


Diameter of test-pressed steel pipe



Length of test-pressed steel pipe



Hydraulic test capacity

Max 2000 tons.


Sealing method

end seal.


Pressure holding time

5-20 S.


Maximum working pressure of main hydraulic cylinder



Hydraulic test capacity:



Pressure test medium: .

emulsion or tap water


Main cylinder specification



Power supply:

AC 380V (+5%) 50~60HZ.


Control power supply

AC 220V.


The total installed power



Equipment self-weight:



Operating Control Mode:

Electrical Control of Operating Table

3.Equipment Structure and Composition

3.1. Mobile Head Support

The movable head support is fixed, which consists of a welding seat, a positioning pin shaft, a connecting piece and a main hydraulic cylinder seat.

3.2. Main and Auxiliary Hydraulic Cylinders

Number of main hydraulic cylinders: 3 sets.

Main hydraulic cylinder filling mode: filling valve block filling.

Main hydraulic cylinder diameter: 720mm.

Main hydraulic cylinder stroke: 720mm.

3.3. Mobile Header

The movable head is composed of welding parts, sealing disc, exhaust system, movable walking wheel, etc.

3.4. Fixed Head

Fixed head is composed of welding parts, sealing disk, positioning pin of filling pipeline system, etc.

3.5. Tensile beam

The tension beam mainly bears the tension between the two sealing plates in the process of steel tube compression test. It is the main load-bearing component of the experimental machine, which consists of the main beam body, connecting parts, connecting pins, positioning devices and so on.

3.6. Waterway System

The waterway system of this machine is composed of high pressure system and low pressure system, including high pressure plunger pump, low pressure filling pump, filling valve, check valve, water storage tank, drainage valve, one-way valve, water filter, etc.

3.7 Hydraulic System

Hydraulic system includes: hydraulic tank, filling tank, high-pressure oil pump, low-pressure oil pump, filling valve, pipeline system, overflow valve, one-way valve, reversing valve, etc.

3.8. Electrical control system

Electrical control system mainly includes intelligent control instrument, pressure sensor and real-time pressure display system.

4.Customer Service

Before signing an official contract with our customer we will help to analyze and provide professional solution based on customer project information and come out with optimum solution.

Your inquiry related to our products or price will be replied in 24hrs.

Keep informing our customer production process and help arrange quality checking in the factory if necessary.

One-year warranty to our display and one-year warranty to spare parts.

Buyer can dispatch technician to our factory for free training before delivery.

For essential equipment failure, we will arrange our engineer head to local site to  installation, also provide online technical support for the whole life.


1. How can i place an order?
Please provide the details of your requirements as clear as possible. So we can send you the offer at the first time.
For designing or further discussion, it is better to contact us with Skype / email / phone, in case of any delays.
2. What kind of display we provide?
Working videos and photos
3. How about the warranty ?
We have 1year warranty and lifelong maintenance
4. What is your terms of delivery?
We accept EXW, FOB, CFR, CIF, etc. You can choose the one which is the most convenient or cost effective for you.

6.Party B shall provide technical information:

General layout of unit equipment

Hydraulic Principle Diagram and Piping Diagram of Unit Equipment

Electrical schematic diagram and wiring diagram of unit equipment

Drawings for Installation of Unit Equipment

Instructions for Unit Operation and Maintenance

Construction drawings of unit equipment foundation


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