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Installation steps of High frequency pipe welding machine

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1. Transfer: forklift shall be selected to transfer high-frequency pipe welding machine.

2. Equipment: the machine shall be horizontally fixed on a stable foundation and grounded.

3. Oil filling: open the rear cover of the chassis and add 56 liters of No. 46 anti-wear hydraulic oil to the oil tank.

4. Power connection: connect the power cord of the high-frequency pipe welding machine to the regular power supply of the machine, and turn the motor to investigate the direction of rotation. The rotation direction of the motor shall be consistent with the arrow direction on the motor label. It is possible to turn on the power switch after connecting the wires. If the machine moves, the mold opening is opened, and the motor rotation direction is correct. If the machine does not move, it is necessary to switch two at random in front of the machine.

5. Pressure regulation: the machine system pressure is 31.5MPa, which is regulated by the overflow valve. The high-frequency welded pipe unit increases the pressure clockwise and decreases the pressure counterclockwise.

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