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Intelligent slitting line development is becoming a widely accepted practice.

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Intelligent slitting line development is becoming a widely accepted practice.

The intelligent control system of the machine has evolved in the direction of the development of diverse machine technologies in response to the ongoing growth of intelligent industrial production and the ongoing quest for high production efficiency. The slitting line is the primary piece of equipment used in the CNC forging industry, and since the development of intelligent operating systems has significantly reduced both the frequency of production accidents and labor costs, it has become clear that intelligent slitting line development is here to stay. Let's examine the slitting line's intelligence-related technical advancements.

The advancement of stress control technology comes first when discussing the development of technological intelligence. Initially, tension management was accomplished using a magnetic powder clutch. However, as the demands of the industry continued to evolve, it was progressively found that this clutch had safety accidents in addition to limits in its own functions. The concealed threat is quite significant.

This problem was totally resolved by the inclusion of the vector frequency converter motor, which also made it possible to automatically and intelligently manage the tension. The swing roller's automated detection technology has greatly aided the slitting line, which is the second clever advancement. Along with improving the stability, dependability, and use of the tension system, it also improves the harmony of machine coordination throughout the whole production line.

The intelligent slitting line will drive the growth of the sector and usher in a smart future since it not only reduces labor costs but also generates significant value for the business.

Using automatic slitting lines safely

Time and effort are saved by the contemporary, completely automated slitting lines. We must use them with greater care in this advantageous scenario. The Cangzhou Runshi Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. will introduce some important elements in the paragraphs that follow.

Change the winding rod on the slitting machine for offline rewinding when the paper sheet size of the product cloth roll is different from the mandrel size of the winding machine.

The automatic slitting line has a fast running speed, accurate control, smooth trimming, a running flat blanket, simple and reliable operation, and a high level of automation.

When a product's breadth is too narrow, the winding machine cannot cut it or is unable to use it. On the slitter, it must be cut off-line.

If the product's roll length is too short to be slit on the winding machine, it must be rewound offline on the slitting machine since it cannot be slit there.


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