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Introduction and a few benefits of the metal slitting line

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Introduction and a few benefits of the metal slitting line

The following are some features of equipment for metal slitting lines:

1.The metal slitting line equipment is all controlled by a single panel and is simple to use.

2.The two-stage length counting, labeling length counting, cycle counting, speed display, secondary start, and fixed-point automated axis exchange are the key features of the panel of the metal slitting line equipment. Labeling position is unaffected by tape stop placement.

3.It is possible to replace the two shafts automatically once the coiling operation for the metal slitting line equipment is finished, which is simple to do and highly effective.

4.Unrolling wheel with a bow-shaped design: By using this unrolling wheel, the wrinkling of the tape while unrolling or feeding is totally eliminated.

5.Pneumatic brake: With precise placement and labeling, the tape may be stopped quickly when the metal slitting line equipment stops.

6.Feeding adjustment wheel: To lock the material on the material shaft, softly squeeze the handle. Then, it's simple to adjust the left and right displacements.

7.It has low-noise equipment: the raw material shaft pressure wheel is fitted with a sound-absorbing mechanism, and the slitting process produces the least amount of noise possible.

8.The metal slitting line equipment rolls up the adhesive tape after slitting, and it is transparent and clear.

9.The strip-rolled tape has a high yield rate.

What standards for a metal slitting line's equipment constitute high slitting quality?

We are aware that the precise standards for metal slitting line equipment are constantly rising in the slitting process. Good slitting quality must be ensured in order to meet the accuracy requirements. What qualities make a good cutter? Actually, a slitting line's slitting action is caused by the simultaneous existence of a shear section and a fracture surface rather than by entirely slitting off the material.

Such an instance calls for skillful trimming.

Such slitting quality may not only guarantee the product's precision but also lessen tool wear and increase the equipment's service life on the metal slitting line. In addition to paying attention to managing different gaps, this criterion also calls for the proper pressure plate to be chosen at the slitting point. We are aware that material can bend, twist, or do other things as a result of slitting resistance at the place of cut.

Additionally, it may guarantee that the slitting job is completed steadily within the predetermined range when the slitting line equipment is in use. Additionally, the cutter axis's horizontal position needs to be modified appropriately. So that the change in the horizontal gap caused by expansion and other factors may be reduced, the horizontal gap can be digitally adjusted on the operation panel, and the adjustment of the lower shaft position can be monitored in real time during operation.

Combining the introduction from above, it is clear that the slitting quality must be rigorously regulated when the slitting line equipment is in use. Not only should reasonable operation be given attention, but each device's control will also have an impact on the sash's quality and the shape of the final roll. The management of the material speed and the drive and control of the cutter shaft are of particular importance.


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