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Listen to the sound of the flattening machine to determine whether there is any fault

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When we use the flattening machine, due to the friction between the bearing balls, the machine often makes noise. So, how should we judge whether the machinery is normal according to its noise?

Use a long screwdriver to hold the bearing end cap of the flattening machine against the ear of the screwdriver handle, and you can hear the sound of the bearing rotation. If the sound transmitted is high frequency and continuous, it indicates that the machine operates normally; If the high frequency sound is mixed with a slight intermittent clatter, it indicates that the bearing is slightly short of oil, but it does not affect the operation. It is usually OK to open it for another 1-3 months; If there is an intermittent clicking sound, it means that the mechanical bearing is short of oil or has other faults, which should be repaired in time.

The louder the intermittent low-frequency clatter of the flattening machine is, the more serious the bearing problem is. At this time, we should take effective measures to solve it, so as not to affect the use of the machine.

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