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Preparation before running the slitting line

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1. First, check the qualification of each post on the production line, whether they have a high level of basic mechanical and electrical knowledge, and pass the automatic control (numerical control) training, and obtain the "slitting line operation certificate" after passing the examination.

2. It is planned to turn on the air source. When the air pressure reaches 6 Pa, open the drain valve to drain water. After the water is drained, the machine can be started.

3. Check the oil volume of the oil atomizer. The oil volume should be between 1/3 and 2/3 of the oil cup. If it is insufficient, it should be supplemented. The air source must be closed and the compressed air must be drained when replenishing the oil volume.

4. Lubricate the guide rail and lead screw, and wipe off any greasy dirt.

5. Start the power supply for commissioning and check whether all sensors are normal and whether the fastening bolts are stable and reliable.

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