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Slitting line

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The slitting line is used to uncoil the steel coil, cut it, and roll it back into a strip of the required width. Slitting line is the process of cutting a wide strip of steel into a number of narrow strips by passing the strip between a circular cutter or a blade. Suitable for cold and hot rolled carbon steel, silicon steel, tinplate, stainless steel and various metal sheets surface plating processing. Slitting PLC control, man-machine interface, high degree of automation, simple and reliable operation.

1. According to the thickness of the plate that can be cut longitudinally, it is divided into thin plate longitudinal shear line (processing thickness 0.1-3.0mm) and thick plate longitudinal shear line (processing thickness 3.0-6.0Mm).

2. According to the longitudinal cutting metal material, it can be divided into copper strip longitudinal cutting line, stainless steel longitudinal cutting line, cold plate longitudinal cutting line, silicon steel longitudinal cutting line, and tinplate longitudinal cutting line.

3. According to the degree of automation, it can be divided into full-automatic trimming and semi-automatic trimming.

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