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Slitting lines' characteristics

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Slitting lines' characteristics

Processing capabilities and particular applications of slicing machinery

The maker of slitting lines thinks that this piece of machine equipment can also be referred to as a slitting machine. Additionally, it may be categorized as metal slitting equipment in addition to slitting equipment, which is mostly inferred from its application. Manufacturers of slitting lines believe that cold-rolled sheet, stainless steel sheet, aluminum sheet, galvanized sheet, and color-coated sheet are among the materials that may be processed by slitting equipment. There are, however, certain variations in the strength of the blade material for various materials. Please contact us to acquire a nice cutting result for special procedures. Cangzhou Runshi Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. Welcome to consult.

Specifications for Slitting Lines

Slitting lines are items that everyone is acquainted with, but we focus more on how to anticipate the future of this well-known product since whoever predicts the trend will win the market, which is what many businesses are now trying to do. There are two things to say, but this sort of decision must still be made. As a result, we will now discuss with you how slitting lines will grow in the future and what chances we may take advantage of. Yes, I agree that everyone should be very concerned about these concerns.

Let's start by examining the coil's thickness. The color slitting machine's plate processing cost is greater, but it is simpler to recoup the investment because there is no harm to the coil's surface. There are now several variations of the platen, belt, and roller tension types.

The pressing plate type has a significant economic benefit, but it is also easily damaged when subjected to high-speed production line stress and may result in the felt igniting spontaneously at high temperatures.

Because of the significant belt loss and high cost of usage, the belt tensioning type is only willing to use the material's surface undamaged at high speeds.

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How to choose the machine's power

We shouldn't only go for the biggest machine when picking the machine's power since the larger the slitting lines' power, the faster the heating speed will be, and the price will follow suit. Additionally, powerful machines may not be the best option for actual production demands, so we must take more into account and compare options before making a decision. The variation of the power voltage should also be considered while choosing a power source. If the voltage is decreased when the user is using three-phase alternating current, the power will likewise be decreased. Therefore, as the voltage drops, it may be essential to raise the power of the equipment in order to maintain the same processing impact.

However, if the assumption is made based on the equipment's power condition, when the voltage is decreased, the only option to get the same heating impact is to increase the heating duration, which makes it impossible to ensure the processing quality. As a result, choosing the power of the slitting lines is not a simple matter of weighing pros and cons; there are other considerations to take into account.


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