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Solid state HF welder

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Solid-state high-frequency welder is for low-carbon and high-strength steel pipe (round pipe, square pipe, rectangular pipe, special-shaped pipe) welding, stainless steel pipe welding, copper pipe welding, aluminum pipe welding, H-beam welding.

We integrate the switch gear cabinet part and rectifier part, besides the functions of switch cabinet, this design also has rectifying control functions on solid-state H.F. welders.Install incoming disconnect switch,incoming current meter,voltage meter (switchable) and incoming voltage indicator light. Install 3-phase full-controllable thyristor rectifying bridge to achieve power regulation of H.F. welders.Install flight wave reactor,flight capacitor and filter to increase flight coefficient.The console achieves remote control and power regulation of solid-state H.F. welder, installed with LCD; also it has indicators of armature voltage, field voltage on DC speed regulation cabinet and indicators of DC voltage, DC current on welder. Installation of power-speed closed loop control function is optional. The console has design difference according to different types and quantities of matching DC speed regulation cabinet.2-D mechanical adjusting equipment: For induction welding mode, applied with installation and adjustment of inverter output cabinet, the inductor position can be adjusted manually.3-D mechanical adjusting equipment: For induction/contact welding mode, applied with installation and adjustment of inverter output cabinet, the inductor position can be adjusted by electric or manua了。Model GPKL-Ⅱcirculation soft water cooling system adopts closed cooling tower structure. Cooling soft water flow in sealed water tank and cooling pipes. The inner circulation soft water is cooled by overhead fan and water-spray method using the principle of absorbing heat when evaporation. The spray water store at the bottom of cooling tower, soft water circulate inside the closed cooling tower’s heat dissipation pipe, spray-water spray at pipes’ surface by spray-water distribution system and sprayer through spray system, some heat is taken by dissipation and soft water temperature inside the pipe go down accordingly. The cut board stops water in hot air and undissipated water, make them flow through PVC heat exchange layer, the water in the layer is cooled by air, then temperature goes down and fall down to the bottom of the tower.

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