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Stability of slitting line

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For the slitting line, its stiffness and stability play a very important role in the operation of the whole production line, but it is not easy to maintain the stiffness and stability of the slitting line in real operation. Today, we will mainly introduce the methods and measures to maintain the machine stiffness and stability during the slitting line and slitting machine operation.

The body of the slitter is a welded box structure. The variable-frequency speed regulating motor drives the drum shaft to provide the main force for the slitter after decelerating through the gearbox. The drum of the slitter is a hollow shaft, which is supported on the gear box by two bearings, and a transmission spur gear is installed between the bearings. The gearbox is lubricated by forced lubrication, and two constant speed motors are equipped for the closed loop oil lubrication system. The mandrel is a cantilever structure, and its front end is supported by an external support bearing to maintain the rigidity and stability of the slitter.

The slitting line is widely used in the metal processing industry, so it is very important to maintain the stiffness and stability of the slitting line.

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