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Steel Pipes: How to Select Between Seamless and Welded

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Steel Pipes: How to Select Between Seamless and Welded

The two most prevalent forms of steel pipes on the market are welded and seamless steel pipes.

As the name implies, a seamless steel pipe has no seams and is manufactured by hot and cold rolling.

A welded pipe, on the other hand, is created by rolling a steel coil to the desired gauge thickness, a process that results in a seam on the pipe's body. The next step is to cut the seams to the width that corresponds to the size of the pipe to be built.

The three types of welded steel pipe (LSAW) are Electric Resistance welding (ERW), Spiral Submerged arc welding (SSAW), and Longitudinal Submerged arc welding (LSAW). These three types of welded steel pipe are made in quite distinct ways.

The majority of the world's steel output is used in buildings, bridges, and other infrastructure like beams, pipelines, and foundation pilings. Steel can withstand the pressures caused by the structure's weight, allowing it to be used to construct towering structures.

Aside from steel quality, architects and contractors must choose the type of steel pipes that will best suit their project. Bridge foundations, for example, must be able to withstand a variety of environmental variables such as earthquakes, ship accidents, and strong currents.

Is it important in certain cases whether they employ seamless or welded pipes? Let's look at the differences to see what we can find.

Concerning Seamless Steel Pipes

Seamless pipes are manufactured using either cold rolling or hot rolling extraction. The method hardens the carbon or alloy steel as it is formed, resulting in a robust and lightweight product. They take longer to manufacture and are more difficult to get the proportions exactly correct.

Seamless steel pipes have the benefit of being able to withstand higher pressures, making them excellent for oil and gas sector applications. There is no exposed seam to corrode or look unpleasant if the pipe is in a prominent place. The limits of the production process make it a bad option when you need really big pipes.

Concerning Welded Steel Pipes

Welded pipes are made from flat metal plates or strips. These are bent into form and soldered together at the edges. As a result, the end product can be extremely accurate in terms of diameter and wall thickness.

These are typically employed in construction when precise measurements are required, but they are also suitable for general usage because of their lower cost. Welded pipes may be constructed into a variety of forms and sizes, including extremely large ones for construction, due to their ability to have numerous seams.

The disadvantage is that these pipes often have thinner walls, which, along with seams, make them more sensitive to pressure. Slight impurities surrounding the seam expose them to potential corrosion as well.

Welded Steel Pipe vs. Seamless Steel Pipe

Depending on your intended application, each pipe has advantages and disadvantages. While seamless has a higher pressure rating, it may not be the most important factor in your project.

If you're building a bridge and require a lot of pilings, the lower cost and higher possible size of a welded pipe may be more relevant.

Do you have a project that requires steel pipes?

Steel pipe piles allow you to acquire the deep and massive foundation you need to withstand the weight when building a tall structure or a wide bridge. While seamless versions can withstand more pressure, they come at a higher cost and have less flexibility. Welded is excellent for major building projects since it allows you to acquire highly exact measurements while keeping expenses low.

If you have any further questions concerning the steel pipes you require for your construction project, please contact our staff at the worldwide office nearest to you.


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