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Used ERW 114 Welded Pipe Machine

1.Pipe OD :40-114mm
2.Pipe thickness: 1.0-3.5 mm
3.Speed : 60 m /min Maximum
4.HF welder 300 kw Motor 120kw
5.Horizontal shaft 80 mm Vertical roll 50 mm
6.Manufacturer: Shijiazhuang Aogang

1. ERW 114 pipe mill introduction

ERW pipe production line is used to produce ERW pipe and cold bending profile steel with material of mild steel & low carbon steel of cold and hot roll carbon steel and galvanized roll carbon steel in the fields of metallurgy, construction, traffic, mechanism and vehicle. ERW Tube Mill can make steel strip of a certain specification into round pipe and square and rectangular pipe through cold bending forming and high frequency welding. The forming and sizing machine is designed well, so ERW Tube Mill can produce the perfect pipe.

1.Pipe OD :40-114mm

2.Pipe thickness: 1.0-3.5 mm

3.Speed : 60 m /min Maximum

4.HF welder 300 kw  Motor 120kw

5.Horizontal shaft 80 mm Vertical roll 50 mm

6.Manufacturer: Shijiazhuang Aogang


steel strip} --- un-coiler --- (opener & straightener & pincher & leveler) --- strip-head shearer & butt welder station --- vertical cage accumulator or horizontal spiral accumulator loop --- forming M/C (main driving unit + flattening unit + breakdown section + fin pass section +seam guiding stand + high frequency induction welding  system + squeeze welding roller stand + outside scrafing unit + horizontal ironing stand) --- emulsion cooling section --- sizing M/C (main driving unit + sizing section + speed testing unit + straightener + pull-out stand) --- CNC flying saw under computer control --- conveyor table.

3.Technical parameter51


4.List of 114 pipe mill

1. Uncoiler

2. Horizontal Accumulator

3. Cutting & welding

4. Forming sizing mill

5. Cutting saw

6. Run-out roll

7. HF welder


① It is suitable for processing lighting tubes, furniture tubes, decorative tubes, round tubes and

square tubes. The maximum processing speed is 60m / min, which greatly improves the work


② It has high-end configuration, front 7 and rear 5, horizontal roller shaft 80mm, vertical roller

shaft 50mm, main motor 120kW,300kW solid-state high-frequency, etc.

③ Unit land occupation: length * width = 70 * 8m, equipment installed capacity: 300kW

④ Complete supporting facilities and complete equipment

6.After sales service

1.Test the tube mill machine before shipment
2.Provide technical guidance relate to use the welded pipe making machine
3.Provide the spare parts at cost price after warranty period
4.Collect the feedback for tube mill machine working
5.Provide long-term technical assistance
6.Offer the professional engineer to help you improve the output, reduce the waste and decrease the cost.

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