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Welding speed of the high-frequency pipe welding machine

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The welding speed of the high-frequency pipe welding machine is also one of the main parameters of the welding process, which is related to the heating system, the weld deformation speed and the mutual crystallization speed. In high-frequency pipeline welding, the welding quality increases with the increase of welding speed. This is because the shortening of the heating time reduces the width of the edge heating zone and the time for the formation of metal oxides. If the welding speed is reduced, not only the heating zone will be widened, but also the width of the melting zone will change with the change of the input heat, resulting in larger internal burrs. In low-speed welding, less heat input makes it difficult to weld. If the specified value is not met, defects may occur. Therefore, when welding high-frequency pipes, the appropriate welding speed should be selected according to different specifications and varieties at the allowable speed of the mechanical equipment and welding devices of the unit.

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