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What Is a Slitting Machine?

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What Is a Slitting Machine?

Slitting machine, slitter, or slitter rewinder are all terms used to describe the device used for cutting rolls. Through the shearing process of roll slitting, a thick roll of material is divided into smaller rolls. Log slitting terminology dates back to the days of sawmills, when logs were divided up into smaller pieces.

Iron rods were also divided into little pieces using the sawmills. But in modern times, slitting is the process of dividing a coil of material into smaller coils with reduced widths.

Due to the materials' adaptability and high productivity, slitting is a good alternative to other processes. To create thinner rolls, rewind slitting involves rewinding the material through a number of blades.

The Slitting Method

The rewind, the slitting portion, and the unwind are the three main parts of a slitting machine. The most common materials cut using slitter rewinders are paper, plastic films, and metal foils.

Regarding the unwind, it is often a pause to maintain the material's correct tension. A powered unwind is a feature of a few machines that lessens the effect of inertia when heavy rolls or tension-sensitive materials are being unwound.

The slitting segment concludes with three main components: rotary shear, crush cut, and razor slitting. Although there are several variations in the rewind area as well, center winding with differential rewind shafts is the main category.

Slitting Machine Types

In general, there are two types of slitting machines on the market. These are referred to as roll slitters and slitter rewinders. While both might be considered slitting machines, they serve different purposes.

Depending on the demands, each style offers various advantages. Let's examine both devices.

Slitting Rolls

There are other names for this, including single-knife roll slitters.

Slitters of logs

Slicers of blather

Falsehood cutters.

Roll slitters use a fixed band blade or a broad circular blade to sever the roll of flexible material completely. Even the material's core is sliced through by this slicing device.

The majority of master rolls have a 3 in their center. The master roll doesn't need to be unraveled. The time-consuming operation of positioning empty cores and slitting blades can be skipped.

Auto-cutting and auto-positioning are features of automatic models. Furthermore, they are PLC-controlled. These slitters can cut through a variety of materials, such as the ones listed below:


Tape with two sticky sides

Self-stick foam tape

Application tape for gaskets



Because of the following, roll slitters are more beneficial than slitter rewinders:


swift and fluid arrangement

You don't require pre-cut cores.

swiftly executes single cuts


It is obvious why these slitting devices are employed in industrial settings so frequently. Give these products a shot since they will help your organization operate quickly and effectively. To locate the ideal slitting machine for you, contact us!


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