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What is a welded steel pipe?

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What is a welded steel pipe?

Welded steel pipe is steel strip or plate that has been bent into round, square, or other forms and then welded onto the surface of the steel pipe seam.

Welded steel blanks are utilized in steel sheet or strip, and are classified into furnace pipe, ERW pipes, and automated arc welded pipe based on the welding technique. Due to the many types of welded pipe, which are separated into two and spiral welded pipe. It is split into welded round ends and shaped (square, flat, etc.) pipe.

Welded steel pipe, or welded steel in general, is made up of the following types: double submerged arc welded pipe (DSAW pipe), high-frequency welded pipe (HFW pipe), and spiral submerged arc welded pipe (SSAW pipe). The molding machine with a tube opening is used to make double-sided submerged arc welded pipe, which is then reused. Steel pipe is produced by using the high-frequency skin effect of high-frequency current. The usage of a narrow spiral submerged arc welded pipe is constructed of steel pipe-shaped roll, and it uses submerged arc welding, spiral weld, and the weld is comparable to In comparison to Longitudinal length, it can employ a specification manufactured with a range of large-diameter steel pipe.

Longitudinal spiral steel strength is normally higher than that, which can narrow the billet production of big diameter pipe; however, you can also utilize the same billet production width for different pipe diameters. However, as compared to the same length of straight seam pipe, weld length ranges from 30 to 100% and production rate is lower. As a result, smaller diameter pipe is often straight seam welded, but larger diameter spiral welded pipe is commonly employed.

Steel tube joint dislocation refers to the occurrence of staggering up and down in a steel pipe weld.

The benefits and drawbacks of welded steel pipe

The length of the tube light table table high (steel external appearance of steel grade resolution, brightness) can be discretionary. Thus, the use of low-pressure fluid demonstrated its economy and attractiveness.

Welded steel pipe manufacturing is simple, has a high production efficiency, is inexpensive in cost, and can be completed quickly. Welded in a spiral pattern Longitudinal more than usual can narrow the billet production of big diameter pipe, and you can utilize the differences in diameter pipe billet production of the same width. So, with the same length of straight pipe joints as weld length, add 30 to 100% and drop production rate. As a result, the majority of smaller diameter pipe is straight seam welded, whereas the majority of big diameter spiral welded pipe.

welding steel pipe classification

1, High frequency welded steel pipe has the following characteristics: tubular good, uniform thickness, internal and exterior burrs formed by the welding tool calibrating the proper online through stringent non-destructive testing of weld quality, high degree of automation, and cheap production costs. However, the wall thickness is quite thin, and the diameter is relatively small, usually no more than 12mm, with a diameter that does not exceed 610mm, making it especially ideal for the fabrication of steel tube truss structures.

2. LSAW pipe characteristics include welding under static conditions, good weld quality, short welds, and a very low fault probability. By extending full-length steel tubular good, accurate size, broad range of pipe wall thickness and diameter range, the diameter range up to 406-1829mm, wall thickness range up to 6.0-60mm, high degree of automation, It has cheaper manufacturing costs than seamless steel for buildings, bridges, dams, offshore platforms, and other steel bearing with columns, wide span structures, and wind and seismic requirements for electrical tower mast construction.


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