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What is the function of the work roll of the opener?

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1. Upper row roller collective tilt adjustment. The upper row of rollers is installed on the tilting beam, and the bending from the inlet to the outlet is gradually reduced. It can realize large deformation and small deformation, higher straightening speed and convenient adjustment. Therefore, it is widely used.

2. Each roller of the opener can be adjusted independently. Each upper roller has an independent bearing box and a deceleration adjustment mechanism to ensure any height adjustment. In addition, the upper part of the frame can usually be moved relative to the lower part for collective adjustment. Achieve higher straightening accuracy. However, the structure is complex, so in practice, the number of rolls is usually small.

3. The upper row of rollers adjust the height in parallel. The upper row of rollers are fixed on the parallel lifting beam and can only be adjusted in parallel up and down within the group, so the roller pressure is the same and the structure is relatively simple. However, this adjustment method can only achieve high straightening accuracy with small effective bending deformation, otherwise it will produce large residual curvature. In order to solve the above shortcomings, the upper roll and the lower roll are usually adjusted separately. The structural solution is widely used for the straightening of medium and thick plates.

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